Experience the allure of striking and sophisticated standalone pieces. Enhance your Broadway show look or anniversary dinner attire with a captivating conversation starter for an unparalleled occasion.

Pear Diamond Chandelier Earrings

The tear-shaped diamonds are known for their graceful and elongated shape, which creates a sense of elegance and movement in the earrings.These earrings are designed to capture...

8 5/8 CTTW

8 Ct Pair Fancy Deep Yellow Halo Drop Earrings

The deep yellow diamonds are elegantly set within oval-shaped halos. The oval shape is known for its graceful and elongated form, creating an elegant and timeless design.Celebrate...

8 5/8 CTTW

Twinning Pear Drop Earrings

The highlight of these earrings is the twin pear-shaped diamonds, carefully selected for their classic and elegant charm. The matching pear-shaped stones add symmetry and sophistication to...

6 3/8 CTTW

Graduating Emerald And Pear Bangle

Introducing the Red Carpet Stunner: Our Graduating Pear-Shaped and Emerald Cut Diamond Bangle with a Total Diamond Weight of 13ct. Prepare to make a dramatic entrance and...

12 3/4 CTTW

Fancy Intense Pink Oval Halo Ring

This Oval Pink Diamond Classic Halo Engagement Ring is a perfect choice for couples who appreciate classic elegance and want to express their love with a rare...

5 5/ CTTW

Heart Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Prepare to be captivated by our exceptional Alternating North-South Heart Shape Tennis Bracelet. This bracelet is a work of art, combining the elegance of heart-shaped diamonds with...

26 26/ CTTW

Emerald Cut Huggie Earrings

The classic design of these huggie earrings makes them suitable for various occasions. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a touch of sophistication...

3 1/5 CTTW

Linked Fancy Shape Halo Bracelet

If opulence is your way of life, then this diamond bracelet is for you. The bracelet features an elegant play of shapes with its continuous line of...

18 1/3 CTTW

Front-Back Graduating Pear Earrings

Get ready to have fun with your diamonds! Our Front-Back Pear Diamond Earrings are designed to add a touch of whimsy and creativity to your jewelry collection....

4 9/10 CTTW

Emerald Cut Drop Halo Dangler Earrings

A string of oval diamonds gracefully connects the two emerald-shaped diamond halos, creating a sense of movement and flow in the design. The oval diamonds enhance the...

10 1/3 CTTW

Pear Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Tired of the Same Old Tennis Bracelets? Discover Playful Elegance with our Slanted north south Pear Bracelet!
For those who seek a break from the ordinary, we've...

24 24/ CTTW

Graduating Emerald & Pear Earrings

Introducing our effortless modern earrings, a smart and elegant pair that effortlessly pairs with a matching bangle. This combination of pear-shaped diamonds and lush emeralds with a...

3 3/4 CTTW

Fancy Shape Bouquet Ring

The ring features a combination of pear and round diamonds, with each diamond carefully chosen for its brilliance and charm. The pear-shaped diamonds create the petals of...

5 3/8 CTTW

Pear Shape Drop Halo Dangler Earrings

The teardrop-shaped diamonds are the centerpiece of these earrings. Their graceful shape adds movement and flow to the design, creating a captivating and elegant look.

8 1/4 CTTW

6 1/3 cttw Oval Halo Drop Earrings

Elevate your style to new heights with our Large Oval with Halo Drop Earrings. These magnificent earrings are not just jewelry; they are a masterpiece that defines...

6 1/3 CTTW

Descending Emerald Cut Diamond Dangler Earrings

These earrings are specifically designed for parties and festive occasions. They are meant to make a statement and become a conversation piece at any event.While these earrings...

8 3/4 CTTW

Linked Hoop Earrings

Elevate your style to the next level with our exquisite Linked Inside-Out Hoop Danglers, a true embodiment of elegance and luxury. These hoop earrings are not just...

16 1/5 CTTW

Stationed Dangler Earrings

These earrings feature a delightful combination of heart-shaped and pear-shaped diamonds. Each shape exudes its own unique charm, creating an engaging and captivating design that is both...

5 7/8 CTTW

Pear and Oval Sparkling Dangler Earrings

The earrings are designed to make a statement with their long, cascading design. The different diamond shapes like pear and rounds are arranged in a visually striking...

3 1/3 CTTW

Heart Shape Drop Necklace

Prepare to step into the spotlight with our Heart Lariat Necklace, a captivating piece of jewelry designed to make you the center of attention. Adorned with exquisite...

24 24/ CTTW

Heart Solitare Front-Back Earrings

Experience the magic of our Front-Back Earrings with Heart-Shaped Solitaire and Pear-Shaped Diamonds. Elevate your style, exude love and elegance, and become the center of attention with...

15 1/2 CTTW

Oval Halo Drop Necklace

5 5/ CTTW

Heart, Pear, Emerald Dangler Earrings

Elevate your style with our Heart, Pear, and Emerald Diamond Dangler Earrings. These exquisite earrings combine the timeless charm of heart-shaped, pear-shaped, and emerald diamonds, creating a...

4 4/ CTTW

Pear and Emerald Shape Chandelier Earrings

Prepare to be enchanted by our Cascading Waterfall Earrings, a true masterpiece of design and elegance. These earrings combine the timeless beauty of Asscher cut diamonds at...

17 1/5 CTTW

Emerald and Marquise Alternating Tennis Bracelet

Elevate Your Style with a Playful Twist: Slanted Pears and Emeralds in a Flip Flop Tennis Bracelet.
Infuse some creativity and fun into your jewelry collection. Our...

21 5/8 CTTW

Emerald Shape Supported Drop Earrings

Elevate your look, celebrate luxury, and embrace the timeless beauty of our Statement Dangle Earrings with 15cts of Emerald and Round diamond earring. Whether you're searching for...

15 15/ CTTW

Pear Shape Garden Ring

The design is inspired by the intricate and graceful details of blooming flowers. It encapsulates the beauty of nature and infuses it into an exquisite and wearable...

3 5/8 CTTW

Fancy Intense Pink Pear Halo Ring

Capture the essence of romance and elegance with our teardrop Pink Diamond Sunshine Halo Engagement Ring. This stunning ring features a rare and captivating pink diamond as...

4 1/2 CTTW

Pear Round and Oval Diamonds Single Line Long Earring

The earrings are designed to make a statement with their long, cascading design. The different diamond shapes like pear and rounds are arranged in a visually striking...

7 7/ CTTW

Pear and Emerald Sparkling Dangler Earrings

The earrings are designed to make a statement with their long, cascading design. The different diamond shapes like pear round and emerald shape diamonds are arranged in...

3 5/8 CTTW

Pear and Marquise Alternating Tennis Bracelet

It's time to embrace a more playful and imaginative take on this classic piece of jewelry. Our Slanted Pears and Marquise Flip Flop Tennis Bracelet is designed...

14 3/4 CTTW

Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Halo Ring

This Oval Fancy Intense Yellow Halo Ring is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of colored diamonds and want to make a bold and...

5 1/6 CTTW

Heart Shape Dangler Earrings

While these earrings are perfect for making a statement at parties and special events, their design is versatile, making them suitable for various occasions where you want...

8 1/3 CTTW

Spiral Pear Shape Diamond Earrings

Make a lasting impression with our Front-to-Back Diamond Earrings, where a circular line of pears meets a boundary of sparkling diamonds. Whether you're looking for a remarkable...

6 1/2 CTTW

2 Ct Pair Fancy Deep Yellow Double Halo Drop Earrings

The deep yellow diamonds are surrounded by two halo settings of white diamonds, creating a dynamic and luxurious design. The double halo enhances the overall brilliance and...

2 7/8 CTTW

Asscher and Pear Chandelier Earrings

Give your formal wear an instant boost of elegance with these diamond chandelier earrings. This showstopping pair is ready to throw light onto your face and add...

13 1/2 CTTW

Oval Cut Floral Ring

This ring is a true statement piece, perfect for making a lasting impression at cocktail parties, special events, and celebratory occasions. It exudes elegance and glamour.The ring...

3 1/3 CTTW

Halo Cushion and Pear Drop Earrings

These earrings feature a perfect combination of Asscher-cut and pear-shaped diamonds, each carefully selected for their timeless and sophisticated appeal. The Asscher-cut diamonds exude a classic elegance,...

9 5/8 CTTW

Balanced Oval and Pear Dangler Earrings

Elegance meets bold expression with our Statement Earrings, a true embodiment of luxury and style. Featuring larger oval diamonds and pear-shaped gems at both ends, these earrings...

6 6/ CTTW

Fancy Cluster Chandelier Earrings

Prepare to make a lasting impression with these extraordinary earrings. Whether you're looking for a remarkable addition to your own collection or a memorable gift for a...

7 3/8 CTTW

Heart Shape with Emerald Drop Earrings

The combination of heart shapes, emerald drops, and round diamond stations creates a timeless statement design that effortlessly complements a wide range of outfits. Whether you're dressing...

7 7/ CTTW

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