Understand the Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets for Women

While engagement rings have become the universal symbol of love, marriage, and partnership, they are actually one of two rings commonly associated with marriage.

Do Women Wear Wedding Bands?

Engagement rings, typically adorned with a beautiful gemstone(s), are given at the time of a marriage proposal, and is worn beginning at the proposal. In contrast, wedding bands (or wedding rings) are exchanged between partners during the wedding ceremony. Although the terms wedding band and wedding ring are now used interchangeably, they once held distinct meanings. Historically, wedding bands were simple metal rings worn by men.

As tradition evolved, women started to wear wedding bands as well. With the new demographic, the plain wedding band grew to incorporate more decorative and feminine styles, thus becoming the wedding ring. Although wedding rings still lack the central stone of engagement rings, they often have more decorative accents, such as diamonds or gemstones, than do wedding bands. Regardless of history, there is no definitive rule to which ring you can wear.

Wedding Band versus Engagement Ring Placement

Because the wedding band is placed on the same finger as the engagement ring, many brides move their engagement rings to their right hand during the wedding ceremony, and move the ring back afterwards. Therefore, stacking the two rings on their left ring finger. Traditionally, the wedding band is worn closer to the base of the finger than the engagement ring because it's thought that the ring exchanged during the wedding, should be closer to the wearer’s heart.

Although many women stack their rings on one finger, there are many ways to wear your rings. Because wedding bands are typically less flashy and commonly contain no a center diamond or prominent gemstone, they are often more practical for daily wear. Those who may be apprehensive of wearing their engagement ring every day, may choose to wear their wedding band for daily activities and don their engagement ring for special occasions.

More Wedding Band Tips

In order to ensure a stylish match, many jewelers sell engagement rings and wedding bands as a wedding set. But there is no rule—only preference. Many couples choose to buy wedding bands later, if at all. While many couples choose the same metal for both rings, don’t be afraid of mixing metals! Due to the simplicity of men’s wedding bands, many men's rings play with multiple metal options. Reflecting this style in the bride’s rings can serve as a romantic and stylish choice.

If you desire a wedding band but do not want to purchase a wedding set, browse our expertly curated list below. Our carefully chosen selection provides a great start to creating your own engagement set. Another way to find your perfect wedding ring/band and engagement ring set is to look within our specific ring style descriptions. We usually list its match.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Pave and Milgrain Diamond

Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Featuring a subtle milgrain border, this classic engagement ring showcases 0.09cts of pave set accent diamonds. This delicate engagement ring pairs well with our Milgrain Pave Diamond Women's Band.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Milgrain Pave Diamond Women's

Milgrain Pave Diamond Women's Band

This dainty women’s wedding band replicates the same exquisite milgrain and pave set accent diamonds seen in the Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring, making a delightful wedding set.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

An eternal classic, this best selling 4-prong engagement ring setting focuses all the attention to your stunning solitaire diamond.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Petite Pave Diamond Women's

Petite Pave Diamond Women's Wedding Band

The beautiful simplicity in this band’s elegant row of pave set diamonds makes it a perfect complement to turn our Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring into an unforgettable engagement ring set.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Braided Row Diamond

Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring

This dazzling ring features braided rows of 0.17 cts of accent diamonds, twisting up as a show stopping backdrop to your finely set center stone.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Weaved Women's Diamond

Weaved Women's Diamond Wedding Band

With a mesmerizing weaving pattern of accent diamonds, this wedding band is the perfect complement to the stunning braided rows of diamonds featured in our Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Pave Edged Diamond

Pave Edged Diamond Engagement Ring

An elevated center gives this ring a modern twist, with two rows of pave set diamonds.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Pave Edged Diamond

Pave Edged Diamond Wedding Band

With pave edged diamonds splitting a similar high polish metal center, this wedding band is a perfect choice to turn our Pave Edged Diamond Engagement Ring into a extraordinary engagement set.

engagement ring and wedding band sets Double Row Diamond

Double Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Two rows of pave set diamonds trail the upper half of this petite setting

engagement ring and wedding band sets Double Row Diamond Women's

Double Row Diamond Women's Wedding Band

This wedding band echoes the double row of diamonds of our Double Row Diamond Engagement Ring, completing the ring as a stunning wedding set.


How to wear a wedding ring set?

Wearing a wedding ring set looks beautiful and serves as a beautiful depiction of your love. Some women choose to wear the set in the order that they received them, with the engagement ring first and then the wedding ring on top of it. However, according to tradition, the wedding ring goes first, and then the engagement ring.

How to wear an anniversary band with a wedding ring?

While the anniversary ring is worn on the right-hand finger, the wedding ring goes on the left. This gives each of the rings its own importance and allows it to stand out.

What is the best way to match an engagement ring and wedding ring?

The best way to match an engagement ring and wedding ring is with the width of both bands. Otherwise, opt for a high-profile setting for the engagement ring that has space for a wedding band to sit snugly. At With Clarity, we offer matching wedding bands for every engagement ring on-site.

Which ring goes on first in a wedding set?

In a wedding set, the wedding band goes first followed by the engagement ring on the top.

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