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Platinum Men's Wedding Rings

Platinum is popular for men’s wedding rings because of its elegant, timeless appearance and modern, silvery hue. Its rarity adds to its appeal, and it pairs excellently with diamonds. Keep reading to learn more about platinum and the options you have for men’s wedding rings.

Before we get into ring options, let’s review some background information about platinum. Platinum wedding rings generally contain 85- to 95-percent pure platinum. Because platinum has a higher percentage of this metal, it’s more pure than white gold. It’s also dense and feels heavier than many other metal options. Place a platinum ring in the palm of your hand sometime and feel its weight.

Platinum has plenty of benefits as well. It requires little care or maintenance beyond period cleaning. The metal won’t tarnish or change color over time. A platinum wedding band is perfect for men with skin sensitivities because it’s hypoallergenic. The metal’s properties are great for a men’s wedding ring, which is worn on a daily basis.

If you’re on the hunt for a platinum wedding ring, check out the variety of styles that With Clarity offers. You’ll see classic channel set rings that each have a row of five glittering diamonds. We have some two-tone rings as well as a ring with diamonds set diagonally. If you want a ring with a wow factor, there’s a platinum band with two rows of channel-set diamonds. Beyond the classic channel set styles, some have extra platinum details like waves and step detail. Once you’ve decided on a ring’s style, you can select the total carat weight varying from ¼ to 3 carats depending on the design.

The rare metal pops against With Clarity’s lab made diamonds. Lab diamonds provide you with a “real” diamond that shares the same chemical composition, optical properties and physical features as natural diamonds. The only difference between them is that one is mined from the earth and the other is made in a laboratory. When creating a lab grown diamond, the manufacturing process replicates conditions that create a natural diamond creation - extreme temperatures and pressures that turn carbon into a diamond. Lab created diamonds are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and affordable.


Are platinum men's wedding bands more expensive than other materials?

Platinum is rare, dense, and pure, so it’s generally more expensive than other metal options. It typically costs about $500 to 800 more because rings use more pure platinum to create the rings. Platinum is 30 times more rare, precious and heavier than gold.

Do platinum wedding bands require special care and maintenance?

Platinum requires little maintenance and remains the same even if you wear it on a daily basis. It also doesn't change hue or color over time. The only care you’ll need to provide is using a soft cloth to wipe your jewelry clean. You can deep clean it periodically by soaking your jewelry in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. You should use a soft toothbrush to scrub away dirt and grime.

What is the typical weight or thickness of platinum wedding bands?

Platinum weighs more than other metals and will feel heavier on the finger. The density of platinum is 21.45 grams per cubic centimeter. A six-inch cube of platinum weighs 165 pounds. Thickness of platinum wedding bands varies–some are wider than others depending on the ring’s style.

Are there any hypoallergenic benefits to choosing platinum for men's wedding rings?

Yes, platinum is an excellent choice for those with skin sensitivities because it’s hypoallergenic. Some people have silver or nickel allergies, which affects their skin if metal has nickel in the alloy. People are less likely to have allergic reactions or skin sensitivities to platinum because it does not have any nickel.

What is the hallmark for platinum in men's wedding rings, and how can I verify its authenticity?

Authentic platinum has marks or stampsLook for any markings or stamps that identify the metal's purity or authenticity. Example markings include: platinum, Plat, Pt, Pt950, 950Pt, 950Plat and Plat950. The purity marking of 95% means it’s 950 parts per 1000 of platinum and 50 parts other metals. Another popular platinum alloy is 90% Platinum, which is 900 parts per 1000 and 100 parts other metals. Example markings are: 900Pt, Pt900, and 900Plat.

Do platinum wedding bands for men come with any warranties or guarantees?

Yes, men’s platinum wedding bands are covered under our lifetime warranty. We have on-staff jewelers to help make repairs. Reach out if you’re in need of a repair and we can discuss the details. If you lose a small diamond, don’t worry. We provide complimentary replacement of stones under 0.10 carats that are broken or lost during everyday wear and tear. Allow us to perform any repairs to keep your lifetime warranty intact. Please contact us with any warranty questions!

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