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14K & 18K White Gold Men's Wedding Rings

White gold is a classic, popular choice for men's wedding bands because it's elegant, shiny, affordable, and durable–it'll last a lifetime and then some. It's not surprising that gold is the most popular metal choice for men's wedding rings.

Both 14K and 18K white gold provide a modern, classic look for men's wedding rings. You might be curious about the differences between the two. It comes down to the amount of gold in 14K and 18K. In terms of how much gold is in each variation, 14K gold contains about 58% pure gold and the remaining 42% is a mixture (alloy) of metals like silver and copper. As for 18K, it contains roughly 75% pure gold, and the remaining 25% is the alloy.

At With Clarity, you'll see a variety of band styles, from minimalist, sleek versions to more ornate bands with fiery diamonds. One of the first steps in selecting a men's wedding band is to determine whether you want a metal or diamond band. If you want a white gold men's diamond ring, you're in luck. Men's wedding ring settings have expanded in recent years, so you'll see a variety of channel set, halo, and bezel set designs at With Clarity. We offer lab-made diamonds for a more affordable, sustainable diamond alternative that sparkles like a natural diamond. It's an environmentally friendly, ethically sourced diamond that's easier on your budget.

Consider rings with details such as milgrain, step, or ribbing for classic white gold metal bands. Men's ring edges vary as well. You'll see more rigid edges, sloping edges, and comfort domes as metal band choices at With Clarity.

Men's wedding rings are easily customizable in various ways to create a special band. You can select the type of metal you want as well as the total carat weight if you select a diamond ring. Another step in this process is choosing from 1/4 carat to 3 total carat weight depending on the design. If you have a specific men's ring in mind that you don't see, sketch out your unique design and work alongside With Clarity Jewelers to create a one-of-a-kind ring based on your vision.

One important white gold note is that it is rhodium plated for the shiny, white tone that makes white gold so sought after. Rhodium is a durable, rare element that has a silvery, white color that is shiny and gives the metal a finishing touch. White gold gets plated with rhodium so that the metal looks bright white and counteracts any hints of yellow from the pure gold in the alloy.


What is white gold, and why is it a popular choice for men's wedding rings?

White gold is popular for men's wedding rings because it provides a robust and durable metal in a modern, silvery hue. It's an affordable option that will last for years. You'll find plenty of white gold ring options, from simple designs to others that are more ornate with natural or lab-made diamonds.

Are 14K white gold men's wedding bands more durable than 18K white gold bands?

18K white gold contains a higher concentration of gold, so 14K white gold is slightly stronger. Both metals are durable choices for wedding bands. Pure gold is soft and malleable, which is why it's mixed with other metals to create durable 14K and 18K gold for wedding rings.

What are the benefits of choosing 18K white gold for a men's wedding ring?

An 18K white gold wedding ring provides a durable band that is less likely to tarnish or discolor. It's a strong metal that will withstand every day wear for years, which is one of the reasons white gold is so popular for men's wedding rings. White gold's silvery hue is popular because it is modern, sleek, and classic.

What is the average width of a men's white gold wedding band?

The average width of men's wedding rings is between 6mm and 8mm. Try on some different widths to see what ring feels most comfortable. It's also important to size up if you want a wider wedding band so it'll fit over your knuckles.

Do you offer lifetime warranties for white gold men's wedding rings?

Contact us to discuss wedding ring repairs and what is covered under the lifetime warranty for your jewelry. Let us perform any repairs to keep your lifetime warranty intact and allow our trained jewelry experts to care for your sentimental pieces. Reach out with any questions, and we will be happy to help.

Can I order a custom-designed men's white gold wedding band?

Yes, if you don't find a ring that you have in mind, you can custom design a white gold wedding ring by sketching it out, writing out a description, and contacting us. We'll provide a quote and let you know how the process works. If you see a design that you like, we allow you to customize the ring's total carat weight and metal. Take a look at a few different rings to see what customization options are available.

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