With Clarity is built on trust

We’ve recruited an expert team of gemologists with independent certifications and years of experience. A gemologist has unparalleled expertise in assessing stones, but With Clarity gemologists go a step further, channeling their knowledge to help you find the right stone.

Verified, Certified Diamonds

We’re committed to quality and trust, and every diamond we offer is thoroughly vetted. Diamonds are “graded” based on various quality factors. The most reputable labs use the 4Cs — carat, cut, clarity and color and beyond — to grade a diamond, whether it is natural or lab-created. We only source sustainably grown or mined diamonds.

We only partner with reputable labs who have a global presence, decades of experience in assessing gems, and the highest standards for grading and education. Their gemologists ensure the stone’s assessment is stringent and trustworthy.


Simply put, a gemologist is an expert in gems. But at With Clarity, they’re more than that. They’ll know what kind of diamond you’re looking for, and they know you live in the real world with bills and responsibilities, so they’ll help you understand where to save money without sacrificing beauty in your stone. They’ll ensure you get the most gorgeous ring possible on your budget. Gemologists work without commissions, so their only goal is to find you something you love.


You can get in touch with our experts through live chat, email, or phone, and you can pull them in at multiple points in your search. Our gemologists know the process — and the stones — inside and out, and they’re here to help you, no matter how much help you need. Here’s what it’s like to work with our gemologists, should you want their guidance every step of the way.


You tell our experts your priorities for your diamond and your budget. Don’t know yet? They’ll help you figure it out. If you’re just starting your search, you can just share your budget and preferred shape.


They’ll comb through the listings to find 3 diamonds that match your wants within your price range.


They carefully vet the one you choose (even if they didn’t find it) for flaws, sharing their thinking along the way, and how it suits your priorities. With your final stone in hand, they can advise on complementary settings for your stone.

The process isn’t done until you’re happy. Don’t like their selections? Tell them why they’re not the right fit, and our experts will search again to find the one.

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Our expert gemologists are here to help.
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